Making art for a friend.

Making art for a friend.
Digging Out, Jason Sirotin, Mixed Media Artist


There is no greater treat then to make a piece of art for a dear friend who wants it. Earlier this year my friend Gary gave me a cool shovel that he and his young son use to build their farm in Roswell, GA. The shovel was covered in Georgia red clay, rust and cobwebs. I loved it! He suggested cleaning it but I immediately put four layers of polyurethane on the shovel, locking in the dirt, rust and cobwebs for hopefully hundreds of years as the art travels through the generations of his family. 

Once the shovel was dry and ready I mounted it to a 2x4 panel where I dripped and splattered. I set it out in the sun to dry during the 2017 full solar eclipse. Now it is even more special. 


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