An obsession with balls.

An obsession with balls.

Jason Sirotin mixed media artist softballs on panel

After working with paper mache for about six months I learned that what was drawing me to it was the ability to make shapes and turn regular paintings into 3D pieces with relative ease. The idea of a 3D abstract painting to me felt very different and something I had personally never seen before, but there was a problem. Paper mache is time consuming and I could not get the exact shapes I wanted which turned out to be a ton of spheres. That's when the idea struck me to start using balls! Used balls would be inexpensive or free and I could easily mount them on panels using construction grade adhesive. I had my assistant scour craigslist for used baseballs where we quickly purchased 200 dirty and ripped baseballs for about $0.50 each. I loved that the balls were covered in Georgia red clay and I loved the rips! Each one of the balls had a life and it touched likely hundreds of people. To me they were not just baseballs, each one was an individual with it's own story. Some of the balls had kids names on them, and some of them autographs. Every ball had it's own story. I just fell in love with that. Now I have in stock about 400 tennis balls, 200 softballs and another 100 baseballs. I plan on riding this out until the story becomes boring to me. 

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